Slightly Fuzzy Memories

Slightly Fuzzy Memories

We haven’t always been here, but we’ve always been more than a bit Friki. A place to be not just yourself, but your…other self. You know, that person who emerges after “one more” Mai Tai and one less inhibition.

From Connecticut’s Coastline to Hell’s Kitchen

From Connecticut’s Coastline to Hell’s Kitchen

Tropical Tiki Bar in New York City NYC.
Good Tiki stories start on a shore.
Like ours. But nobody said they have to end there. Which brings us to Broadway.

The Friki Tiki’s soul will always live on the coast of Branford, Connecticut, where the echoes of tickled ivories and rowdy revelry are still heard by some Long Island Sound sailors late at night. But the heart of the Friki Tiki also beats for Broadway, and a community with a passion for companionship, showmanship and more-than-occasional spontaneous singalongs.

So we transplanted our roots — still with a bit of beach sand — here to Hell’s Kitchen, where we’re proud to represent a slightly hedonistic mix of “unbuttoned Connecticut” and 44th Street theatricality. Both partying and playing together in a place where they don’t just co-exist, they…well, let’s just say they probably shouldn’t be doing that in public.

X O X O – Eamon, Greg + Robert

People wearing lei's and holding drinks at a Tiki Bar in New York City NYC.
Woman holding The Friki Tiki NYC menu at Tiki Bar in New York City.

Andy Cohen

It’s a really fun spot. It’s a great spot. This place is going to be there for a long time. I loved it. And they are very cool in there.”

– Andy Cohen on Radio Andy XM –

Boat sailing off to NYC.